Our other suppliers

Cacao simply can’t be sourced locally in Ireland, but other ingredients can! Collaborating with local businesses is another way the Truffle Fairy show its commitment to sustainability, quality and traceability.
Ballykeefe Distillery

This family-run, single estate distillery is located in Kilkenny. Minimizing environmental impact and maximizing sustainability across the operation is a key pillar to this business as has been recognized by several awards.

Visit their website https://ballykeefedistillery.ie for more information and try one of our Ballykeefe Moonshine or Blackcurrant Poitín truffles. Exquisite!

Highbank Orchards

This farm in Kilkenny adheres to the strictest of organic standards and produces apples and a wide range of artisan products from them.

Visit their website at https://highbankorchards.com to learn more about their award winning products, some of which we stock in our Truffle Fairy cafés. If you want to get a flavour of apple and chocolatey goodness combined, then try our apple-flavoured truffles or raw cacao slices, in which Highbank Orchard syrups serve as healthy sweeteners!

Bell Lane Coffee

This Irish coffee roastery travels to plantations to build relationships with everyone in their coffee supply chain. Why? Because, as Bell Lane say “this relationship offers security to the farmer, their families and communities, and security to us that they can deliver quality focused coffee.” They engage in direct trade, which they define as “Transparent and fair pricing along with sharing knowledge and ideas that help both the roaster and the producer to grow together.”

Visit their website at www.belllane.ie to learn more and come have a delicious cup of coffee in our Truffle Fairy cafés.

With  each of these suppliers we are back to the concepts of sustainability, ethical sourcing, product quality…. the same values embraced by the Truffle Fairy.