Our Story

Mary and the Truffle Fairy

The Truffle Fairy was founded in 2005 by professional chef Mary Teehan, when she discovered her passion for working with the “food of the Gods”, chocolate. Some of the world’s most renowned chocolatiers taught and guided her in the skills of chocolate-making. Add to this training 16 years of experience plus Mary’s creativity and talent in choosing and combining flavours and you get a truly divine creation indeed!

Beginning production in her own kitchen, Mary started selling her chocolates at farmers’ markets. There, she could engage in a direct exchange with her customers. Valuing the insights these exchanges gave her, Mary adjusted and perfected her recipes accordingly and soon could boast a fervent following.

The business has grown since these early days, with 2 boutique-style cafés opening in Thomastown and Kilkenny and production moving to the purpose-fitted kitchen at the Thomastown location. But Mary (and the team that has grown around her!) still value customer relationships and their wishes and expectation of a good chocolate. So it comes to pass that new flavours are always in the making. Though the range of truffles and chocolates on offer is thus always exciting and changing, one thing remains the same: the refusal to compromise on quality and ethical soundness of ingredients.

As a small business that values face-to-face interaction with customers and traditionally sells in physical locations such as markets and shops, the Truffle Fairy has been hit hard by the closures that Covid19 restrictions imposed. The online shop is a new experience for us, and we are thrilled to both expand our horizons in this way and keep serving our customers in times of restricted movements. To all our new and all our loyal customers: Thank you for your custom!